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Guardian management is structured in such a manner so as to provide clients with in-depth studies of their current security requirements or needs. Recommendations thereto are made on solely unbiased practical suggestions from qualified personnel in all areas, including electronic monitoring systems, access control systems, physical manpower requirements, by-law enforcement requirements and signage, safety features to the facility and upgrading of existing security procedures.

Our consulting is conducted with the expertise from the industry's leading suppliers and as such includes up-to-date recommendations within the industry. It is hoped that this involvement allows the end user to determine the best possible security methods available and provide same in a cost-effective manner.

This service is available at no cost to your corporation or company and is in conjunction with only those responsible for ultimate decision making. All correspondence is submitted to your executive team confidentially for use in evaluating your overall security needs. Recommendations will also be made in assisting your company to select what suppliers or companies can meet your requirements.


Tol: 877.482.7356

Tel: 905.563.5080

Fax: 905.563.9910



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